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Welcome To World Of Infinite Possibilities. The Day God Made You, he Gave An Incredible Power In Form Of Subconscious Using This Power You Can Achieve Enormous Success,create Wealth, Heal All Diseases And Get Growth And Expansion In Every Dimensions. Now You Have To Decide Are You Ready To Quit Mediocre Life And Enter Sky Of Infinite Power.

About Dr. Peeyush Prabhat

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Dr. Peeyush is an ionic Holistic Healer and a Mind Power Trainer who believes in healing his patients with the help of Meditation, affirmations, Creative Visualization and various other effective ways. Peeyush is an Orthopedic Surgeon and has an experience of 3+ years as an orthopedician. However, apart from being a demanded orthopedician, he also excels the art of holistic healing and has experience of 10+ years in this field. Peeyush pursued his MBBS from government medical college from Maharashtra and has completed his master’s degree in orthopedic surgery from Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Delhi. Currently, Peeyush is working as a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon in Kailash Hospital, Behror.

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Why WE Exist

We work on human empowerment to help them live their best POTENTIAL. The only limitation holding you back is your mind. For a mind which can access it's power, nothing is impossible. Human psyche holds huge power and unlimited abilities but it is locked somewhere. We are here to give you the access key. We are here to give youspiritual and mind tools which guides you to that part of your being where you are absolutely limitless.

Dr. Kalam said, The biggest crime is not to dream big. So start dreaming and access your inner powers to make them reality. So Let's be the author of your life and Re-design it the way you want.

Our mission is also to remind you ,your true nature i.e. pure consciousness by which not only you create massive success, but also find inner peace, joy and true fulfillment of soul.

Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you.." Paulo Coehlo"

You are a powerful machine with every thought you are setting infinite particles of universe into movement.

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Success Stories

  • I had spasticity in my legs that was undiagnosed by doctors! My all reports were always normal! I was going in depression too. Then through someone I came across Dr. Peeyush, he is gem of a person and down to earth soul. I really thank him from bottom of my heart. Through his therapy he made me to love myself, to recognize my follies and to overcome them. He helped me to gain confidence in myself  

    DR. Rajesh
  • It gives me an immense pleasure to express my deepest sense of gratitude and my unconditional love for such a beautiful soul. when I met in Solapur, Dr. Peeyush Prabhat my spiritual journey started when he conducted meditation sessions, past life regression therapy and mind power techniques. My life was shifted into new dimension. Also with his powerful speech programming my mind, body, soul healed completely, awakening the energy within.

    Prof Ravi Solapure
  • I had spasticity and swelling in my left leg for a long time, all reports were normal as per well reputed numerous doctors across my city and no one was able to understand the problem due to which I was going through depression and was not able to enjoy my personal and professional life. After few years I came to know about Dr. Peeyush through one of my school friends when I told her about my leg problem, she told me that Dr. Peeyush has got a spiritual solution.

  • Dr.peeyush Prabhat is a dynamic trainer with knowledge and exceptionally refined skills of training d mind, to unleash d giant within. He is truly dedicated to his life purpose of empowering people with d infinite potential they hold within themselves.A truly gifted master with sharp intellect, focus, alertness, compassionate heart to help and deep understanding of consciousness.

    Seema Bhardwaj
  • I met Dr. Prabhat in mid-2016. What struck me the most was how balanced and learned a man he was, in spite of a challenging childhood. Hats off to him. I’ve benefited in several ways after having met Dr. Prabhat. Every time he has left me with new and profound knowledge of the mind and its powers. He has also given me one healing session. Even though it was at a crowded café coffee day at cp metro station, I felt rejuvenated with the healing.

    Aman Chandra
  • If you really want the change from the core, Dr. Peeyush is your guy. I was a Noob in Hypnosis and mind sciences. Dr. Peeyush helped me established a grip over this subject in a quite profound way. And not only that He helped me Fix a few challenging areas of my life in a massive way. He is a bridge of scientific knowledge to spirituality.

    Dr. Gaurav Anand
  • I had a good experience with Dr. Peeyush’s workshop. I got to know many facts of spiritualism. So many things are around us but we are oblivion of our surroundings. His words come from heart and reaches the heart. It was a rich knowledge gathering session. After having an experience his sessions, I forgot stress and anxiety and became passionate to life. Me having a strong personality. the best part was, I thought I would never get Hypnotized.

    Keya Chaterjee
  • I have seen Peeyush since the last ten years almost. At that time, he was studying medicine at Solapur district , Maharashtra and he had visited my center during those days. Despite his young age and a busy schedule of medical college, Peeyush used to give lectures in Solapur on plr and hypnotherapy. He had studied it all from books and self practice. I did experience a couple of plrt sessions with him with hypnotic methods and found him really good.

    Manasi Sose
  • I was a bit skeptical to go to Dr/ Peeyush meditation and Mind power session, however he proved me wrong. I was mesmerized in one session itself. Not hyping things up… But he has really helped me to find my inner self, which in itself is one of d most beautiful thing. I could really feel the effects post the session, I was calm, composed and positive. He really kept a hold on my mind the entire session.


Upcoming Events

By Dr. Peeyush Prabhat
  • Workshop On Dreams To Reality

    Swami Vivekananda said - "This world belongs only and only to heroes." In other words, only a champion has authority to enjoy this world. - Have you ever felt there is a dreamer within you which wants to explore the highest limits of sky? - Do you feel that this job is not what you are mind for. You deserve for bigger and better. - Do you feel that you hold huge power and only a part of it you…

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Start By Doing What's Necessary,Then Do What's Possible And Suddenly You Are Doing The Impossible

Best ways to develop Self Awareness

Realize your strengths and weaknesses

  When you know your strengths and deal with your weaknesses, it will help you improve self-awareness. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses that compose of who we are and this will help you shape how to reach your goals. When you know the exact things that are holding you back from achieving what you want from life then only you can improve those things and be your best self and same with your strong points or strengths, when you know them you can double down on them and you will surely achieve greater heights in your carrier and life.  

Take feedback on everything

  You have to open to feedback because only feedback from other successful people in the area you want to develop as a person can help you improve. If you are an introvert or a close-minded person it may be hard for you but if you really evolve as a person and improve your weaknesses only feedback can help you because then only you will know what is working and what’s not.  It will help you learn more about the traits that you need to develop, personally and professionally.  

Identify your emotional triggers

  We all have sometimes emotional reactions to situations and it’s not really needed. Identifying what exactly emotionally triggers you can be challenging but getting to know and understanding it, can help you improve yourself. When you start recognizing what is really triggering you then you can shift your emotional state and you can become more self-aware.  

Try new experiences

  Experiencing new things will teach you many things about yourself. This is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to do something you’ve never done before. Unfamiliar things will help you respond in different ways that you never thought is possible. New experiences let to know yourself and you will find some amazing things about yourself you have never observed before so try as many things you can.     So, guys, these are the actions you can take instantly to develop self-awareness.

Start By Doing What's Necessary,Then Do What's Possible And Suddenly You Are Doing The Impossible

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