From DREAMS to DESTINY ? - With Dr. Peeyush Prabhat

Workshop on Dreams to Reality

Swami Vivekananda said – “This world belongs only and only to heroes.” In other words, only a champion has authority to enjoy this world.

Have you ever felt there is a dreamer within you which wants to explore the highest limits of sky?
– Do you feel that this job is not what you are mind for. You deserve bigger and better.
– Do you feel that you hold huge power and only a part of it you are manifesting as success, money and happiness?


Why should you join?

– Explore the limitless power hidden within MIND.
– Create growth and excellence in your career.
– Learn empowering tools – courage and confidence.
– Find your passion and earn huge money following it.
– Create a mindset of a champion or leader rather than an employee.
– Let go of stress and anxiety and cultivate joy and happiness.
– Increase your productivity in personal as well as professional life.
– Get the energy to not to settle for anything less than what you truly deserve.
– Choose to live your life to create an impact rather than survival.
– Release unconscious fear holding you back.
– Learn setting HUGE GOALS and making strategy to achieve it.
– Create burning desire and enormous power to achieve anything.
– Learn most effective success strategy used by success icons.


Even a crude diamond looks ordinary, only when it is polished it shows its brilliance.

What to expect?

If you tired of a mediocre life and want growth and empower in health, money, career and relationship.

This event will help you to give up the life of a crowd and help you awaken the “leader” hidden within you.

If you want to give up the life of limitations and be infinite. You must join Age of participants should be 25 or above 25.


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