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How to get and stay motivated


What is motivation?

Motivation is something you can define as your general willingness to do anything in life.It is some kind of push that will force you to take a desired action.  

WHY you need motivation?

Everyone one of us has  desires and dreams and to accomplish them we need to make certain changes in life , we have to make better choices in life and for that we need to have motivation because at some point in life the pain of not doing things in life is greater than the pain of doing it.  

How to hack your motivation?

1. Increase your motivation with Discipline

  Discipline is most important thing you can use to stay motivated for e.g. If you want to have a great body but struggling to go to gym that is because you don’t have proper plan and schedule for gym and everyday you are wandering and lie to yourself that you will go to gym tomorrow but when you have proper plan and you know the exact time for your gym you feel much more motivated as you are not lost this time so make a habit of discipline of everything that you want to accomplish and you will see that you feel motivated every time.

2. Follow the same pattern every single time

  Set a routine or ritual for yourself to follow the discipline ,you set for yourself like reminding yourself how grateful you are just when you wake up in the morning every time or making yourself a hard coffee to charge you up before going to gym. When you follow the same pattern every time your mind will use to it and you feel motivated every single time. So next time when you feel unmotivated use these techniques to hack your motivation