Who should join

They fall in 2 categories

Category 1

· If You want to get more out of life

· If you want to program your mind for massive success.

· If you want to live an extra-ordinary life by reaching your full potential.

Category 2

· If you want to resolve any issue of relationship

· To get clarity in life

· To heal anxiety, stress and depression or any health challenge

What problems can be addressed

You can address anxiety, depression, stress or any physical problem. Any issue related to career, success, relationship can be addressed easily.

What tools he uses

He uses NLP, hypnotherapy, past life regression and other subconscious and spiritual tools to reach and uproot the problems.

What is the structure of session?

Initially you will discuss the issue to reach the root of problem then he gives the session followed by a few exercises to be done at home and an audio to be practiced daily till the next visit.

I have no issues as far as I can see, what way can it help me?

Vision of Dr. peeyush is human empowerment. So once you learn the life changing tools to access your hidden powers of Mind and Universe, you can harvest more out of life. You can learn to create motivation, powerful state, energetic body and a tranquil mind. This way you can direct your power to get the life of your dreams.

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